Whitby Folk Week Camping

Moor & Coast Temporary Campsite

Whitby Community College Friday 17th August to Saturday 25th August 2018

Moor & Coast is running a temporary campsite for the period over the Whitby Folk Week.


The campsite will be at the Whitby Community College, and will be open from 12 noon on Friday 17th August till close at 2pm on Saturday 25th August 2018.

There are a limited number of pitches available to visitors who are in the town for the folk festival. They do not have to be ticket holders, dancers or associated with the festival but have an interest in the event and stay in Whitby for that reason.  All pitches will have to be pre booked.

The site was used for the past few years during Folk Week and has proved popular with those camping on it. The ground is flat; short grassed and has easy access. It has indoor toilets, hot showers and fresh water. It does not have electric hook ups.

Staff are on site 24 hours a day for the whole period but are not responsible for personal property or possessions.

The Campsite is within easy walking distance from the town centre and a short walk from the main festival venues and office.

General Information

  • Open to public 12 noon Friday 17th August till 2.00pm Saturday 25th August 2018.
  • Children are not allowed to camp without adult supervision. Half camping fee under 14.
  • Wet weather conditions can cause a problem but the college staff will make every effort to accommodate our campers. Please be advised by them if weather is wet.
  • Awnings are allowed at no extra cost.


  • Dogs are welcome, however there is a small fee per dog to be paid at booking time.
  • Owners must take full responsibility for their dogs at all times.  All dog waste must be disposed of in the bins provided.  Please remember that the camp site is a sports field and hygiene is critical to the use of the facilities in years to come.  



You may park your vehicle next to your tent or caravan, but please leave a gap of TEN FEET (3 metres) between your pitch (and car) and the next. There is plenty of room on the site.  Please pitch your tent/camper/caravan in line will the next. It is much easier for the stewards to keep watch on lines of pitches than encampments.

It may be easier for you to leave your car on site and walk into town. A footpath at the rear of the college brings you almost in the town centre. Parking in Whitby is limited and car parks can prove expensive. Vehicle movement at night must be restricted.

Pitch Markers must be displayed in your vehicle.


On arrival you will be given a coloured pitch marker (refundable deposit £1), which denotes your pitch number. Pitches are not marked on the field and you may pitch where you wish with the agreement of the campsite steward. On departure pitches must be vacated by 11am of the day of your leaving. Please hand in your pitch marker and reclaim your £1 deposit. You may be able to park on site after packing away, but please tell the stewards of your intentions before 11am.


Please keep noise down to a minimum when moving around the site especially after dark and returning lateat night. We would like to keep the site friendly but quiet.



Water, showers & toilets. The fresh water tap can be found on the outside wall of the Gym. Toilets can be found in the sports hall and in the entrance to the gym. Gym showers are open from 8am till 9pm. Sports Hall Showers/Toilets open 8am till 8pm. The gym toilets to remain open 24 hrs. Caravan toilets can be emptied, with care, in the disposal point by the Gym.

Fire Regulations

Fire Regulations must be followed. No Open Fires at any time. BBQs must be off the floor and of are a recognised design. Open flames must not be used in tents or fabric awnings.

Campsite Stewards

Stewards are there to help with advice about the site. They will keep watch over the site but are not security personnel. They, the Community College or Moor & Coast Festival are not responsible for the loss or damage of any item brought onto the campsite or any personal injury suffered.


Buy tickets via post, or on-line here

We hope you have a lovely time in Whitby and look forward to seeing you again